Kenneth Marks: Jewish Archaeology

Kenneth Marks

25/02/2015 2:30 pm

Jews were readmitted to Britain by Cromwell in 1656. In just over a century their number grew from a mere handful of families to 60,000 residents, who mostly lived in London. Kenneth Marksexplores the urban topography of Anglo-Jewry before the mass immigration of the late 19th century and offers a fascinating portrayal of a community at its inception. Lawyer Charles Corman will be discussing Jewish archaeology with Kenneth Marks.

Kenneth Marks

Kenneth Marks was a businessman before he came to the formal study of archaeology. Following many years of fieldwork in Israel’s Caesarea Maritima, he undertook research at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology.

Charles Corman

Charles Corman is a corporate and charity lawyer, the trustee of various private and charitable trusts, including, until recently, the Jewish Book Council. He was made a partner for Dechert in 1961, where he remains a consultant.