Love and Sex: The Women's View: Claire Calman, Anna Maxted & Freya North

Claire Calman , Freya North, Anna Maxted

28/02/2004 1:00 pm

Many of the women writing popular novels about love, sex and relationships today are Jewish. Their books are witty, stylish and energetic, with a strong emotional centre and appeal to men and women, old and young.

In this highly entertaining session, Kathy Lette conducted a light-hearted investigation with three of the best protagonists of the genre into the intimate dilemmas of contemporary life and the way society and family have changed for this new generation of writers.

Freya North

Freya North\'s six novels, including Polly (1999) and Pip (2003), have been translated into seven languages and have sold over a million copies in paperback.

Anna Maxted

Anna Maxted is former Assistant Editor of Cosmopolitan. Her three best-selling novels are Getting Over It (2000), Running in Heels (2001) andBehaving Like Adults (2003). Being Committed is published in March 2004.

Claire Calman 

Claire Calman is the best-selling author of three novels: Love is a Four Letter Word (2000), Lessons for a Sunday Father (2001) and I Like it Like That (2002).