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Mad, Bad and Sad: Women and the Mind Doctors

Lisa Appignanesi, Susie Orbach

02/03/2008 10:30 am

In Mad, Bad and Sad, cultural historian and novelist Lisa Appignanesi took us on a journey through extreme states of mind and explored how a rising profession of mind doctors has diagnosed them over the last two hundred years. Using the cases of celebrated, infamous, and ordinary women, she charted the ways in which more and more of our inner life and emotions have become a matter for medics and therapists. With psychoanalyst Susie Orbach, she discussed how craziness takes on the expressive cloak of its epoch and interrogates a range of contemporary diagnoses such as anorexia and depression.

Lisa Appignanesi

Lisa Appignanesi has been a university lecturer in European Studies and was Deputy Director of London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts. Her works of non-fiction include Freud’s Women (with John Forrester), a biographical portrait of Simone de Beauvoir, and a history of cabaret. She has edited The Rushdie File and a number of books on contemporary culture, as well as producing various films for television. Lisa Appignanesi lives in London with her two children.

Susie Orbach

Susie Orbach is a psychotherapist, writer and social critic. She is the founder of the Women\\\'s Therapy Centre of London, a former Guardian columnist and her books include Fat is a Feminist Issue.