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Major Farran’s Hat

David Cesarani

01/03/2009 2:15 pm

David Cesarani discussed his groundbreaking new book about the brutal murder of Jewish activist Alexander Rubowitz in Palestine in May 1947.

Reading like a heady mix of true crime and polemical narrative history, Major Farran’s Hat investigates a shady murder mystery of violence, cover ups and expediency that throws light on Britain’s legacy in the Middle East – a cautionary tale with remarkable and troubling resonance for us all.

A fascinating exploration of Jewish terrorism and Britain’s last efforts to retain Palestine, based on recently released sources.

David Cesarani

David Cesarani is Research Professor in History at Royal Holloway, London. The author of several prize-winning books, he has advised many institutions, NGOs and government bodies on Holocaust and post-Holocaust issues

Joshua Rozenberg

Joshua Rozenberg QC was the BBC\'s legal correspondent for 15 years before moving to newspapers. He now presents BBC Radio 4\'s Law in Action and appears regularly on other news networks in the UK and abroad.