Mamma Mia! or The Joys of Family!

Michele Hanson, William Sutcliffe, Olivia Lichtenstein, Cosmo Landesman

22/02/2009 10:45 am

This was a hilarious session on parents and children, fiction that reads like real life and true stories so incredible they read like fiction. Be among the first to hear excerpts from Olivia Lichtenstein’s soon to be published new novel, Naked Yoga. We found out what happened when William Sutcliffe’s three fictional mothers, all dreaming of becoming grandmothers, descend on their 30-something sons. And discovered what it means to be brought up by parents obsessed with celebrity like Cosmo Landesman’s.

Michele Hanson

Michele Hanson is the author of a memoir What the Grown Ups Were Doing. Age of Dissent, Treasure and What Treasure Did Next were all originally published as a column in The Guardian. She has also written the poignant, often very funny, book of recollections: Living With Mother.

William Sutcliffe

William Sutcliffe was born in London in 1971. He is the author of five previous novels: the international bestseller Are You Experienced?; The Love Hexagon; New Boy; Bad Influence and, most recently, Whatever Makes You Happy. His work has been translated into more than 20 languages. He lives in Edinburgh

Olivia Lichtenstein

Olivia Lichtenstein is a BAFTA Award-winning documentary-maker and former editor of BBC’s Inside Story. Credits include Broadmoor for ITV and Melvyn Bragg: Wigton to Westminster for BBC2. She has written two novels: Things Your Mother Never Told You and Mrs Zhivago of Queen’s Park.

Cosmo Landesman

Cosmo Landesman is a regular feature writer and film critic of The Sunday Times. He likes to think he is immune to the seductive allure of success but there are times when he fears he might be turning into his dad. Starstruck is both a hilarious account of his family\'s aspirations to fame and an overview of all the cultural trends and fads they espoused.