Margaret Thatcher And The Middle East

Azriel Bermant

26/02/2017 5:00 pm

Azriel Bermant’s Margaret Thatcher and the Middle East presents a fresh analysis of Britain’s role in the Middle East, based on recently declassified papers. Bermant questions claims that the Prime Minister sought to counter the Foreign Office’s Middle East policy, and maintains that Thatcher was in close agreement with the Whitehall bureaucracy on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Thatcher is revealed to be at odds with Reagan’s administration over key issues and a new angle is offered on the debate surrounding the legacy of the Balfour Declaration and the British Mandate in Palestine.

He is in conversation with journalist and editor Stephen Pollard.

In association with The Jewish Chronicle.

Azriel Bermant

Azriel Bermant is currently a Lecturer in International Relations at Tel Aviv University. His work has been published in numerous publications, including the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian and Haaretz.

Stephen Pollard

Stephen Pollard is Editor of the JC, with a weekly column in the Express. He also writes regularly for The Times and Telegraph and was The Spectator\'s first Blogger. He wrote a bestselling biography of David Blanket and his new book, Deaths of the Great Composers, will be published in 2018.