Meet the Author: Benjamin Markovits

Benjamin Markovits

28/02/2006 12:00 pm

Either Side of Winter

Set over the course of a year in Manhattan, four stories follow a group of characters whose lives are inextricably linked by circumstance, community and a desire to love and be loved. Touched by wry humour and shades of Manhattan moods as we pass through the seasons, the book captures a city in microcosm through a series of remarkable portraits.

It is difficult to overstress the depth and intelligence, the achievement, of this book. Every decision Markovits makes – and he sets himself difficult ones – shows great command of the fictional art, deep personal feeling and consideration. It is very human, astonishing, superb; and what is more important, sublime. To borrow, sheepishly, a line of Markovits’s own: “These were tender relations. Unequalled.”
Todd McEwan, The Guardian

Mr. Markovits’s writing makes the ordinary unforgettable.
Richard Eder, New York Times

If good books are drugs then Either Side of Winter is, say, heroin! You get a great buzz during it, you miss it and pine for it, and once it’s finished you want more of the same. Anyone fancy a hit?
Jerry O’Connell, Bookmunch

Benjamin Markovits

Benjamin Markovits grew up in Texas, London and Berlin. He is the author of seven novels and has published essays, stories, poetry and reviews in The GuardianGrantaThe Paris Review and The New York Times among other publications. He lives in London and teaches at Royal Holloway, University of London.