Misadventures in Chelm (and other stories)

Izzy Abrahmson & Mark Binder

08/03/2020 6:30 pm
Kings Place, St Pancras Room

Have you heard of Chelm, the village of fools? They make you smile and laugh. In Mark Binder’s spoken and written stories you’ll meet the wise Rabbi Kibbitz and the wiser Mrs Chaipul. You’ll meet Reb Stein the baker, and his disaster of an apprentice, Muddle. Mark’s event for all ages is storytelling at its finest.

Izzy Abrahmson & Mark Binder

Under the pen name of Izzy Abrahmson, Mark Binder is an Audie Award nominated storyteller and a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature. His Village Life stories have been published in books, newspapers and magazines around the world. As a performer, his mission is to transmit joy with story to diverse listeners of all ages. As a writer, his goal is to make you smile and laugh. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island - the smallest speck of a state in the USA.