My Son, the Gold Medallist: A short history of the Jews and the Olympics.

David Schneider, Josh Howie, Beverley Klein

23/02/2012 4:00 pm

Entirely made up by David Schneider.

From a young Israelite shepherd named David pipping the Philistine champion to the gold medal in the slingshot to the modern Jewish domination of synchronised kvetching, here’s the real history of the Olympic Games and the People of the Book AKA “How To Avoid Sport”. Actors and comedians David Schneider, Beverley Klein and Josh Howie presented some of the Jews greatest Olympic triumphs from Talmudic gymnastics (with commentary by Rashi) to 4 x 400 metres Yiddish cursing.

David Schneider

David Schneider researched a PhD in Yiddish drama at Oxford before becoming the hilarious writer of – and actor and comedian in – award-winning comedy shows and films such as I’m Alan Partridge and Mission Impossible.

Josh Howie

Josh Howie is a stand-up comic and a Jew. He doesn\'t like labels.

Beverley Klein

Beverley Klein is a wonderful actress and a JBW regular. She has performed in Fiddler on the Roof, Into the Woods, Candide, Romeo and Juliet and many more.