My Wounded Heart: Ilse Doerry, Martin Doerry

Ilse Doerry, Martin Doerry

04/03/2004 3:45 pm

My Wounded Heart by Martin Doerry is the story of his grandmother, Lilli Jahn, a gifted doctor and mother of five. Divorced by her Aryan husband, she was sent to a labour camp in 1942, and from there to Auschwitz in 1944.

Much of the story is told through heart-rending correspondence between Lilli and her children, which miraculously survived, only coming to light in 1998. The letters vividly evoke the courage of 14 year old Ilse, Lilli’s eldest daughter, and revive with painful clarity the fate that had remained mostly unspoken in the family. In the session, Ilse and her son Martin spoke about the world and memories awakened by these remarkable letters and how this history has affected their lives in Germany

Ilse Doerry

Ilse Doerry left Germany in 1948 to join her aunt and grandmother in England. She returned to Germany in 1953 to marry Jürgen Doerry, a judge, with whom she had three children

Martin Doerry

Martin Doerry was born in Germany in 1955. He has worked at Der Spiegel since 1987 and was appointed Deputy Editor in Chief in 1998.