Nikolaus Pevsner The Life

Susie Harries


Nikolaus Pevsner, critic and champion of Modernism, was considered by many to be the foremost authority on the art and architecture of England, with his 46 books on the subject simply known as “Pevsner”. With unique access to Pevsner’s private notebooks and letters, Susie Harries gave a definitive account of the life and work of an outsider-insider at the heart of English art history.

Born a Jew in Germany, Pevsner later converted to Lutheranism. Harries came to Jewish Book Week to discuss the truth about his religious beliefs, his reported sympathies with elements of Nazi ideology and sometimes painful assimilation into his country of exile. She shed light on both the predicament and the prowess of one of the continental émigrés who did so much to shape British culture after 1945.

Susie Harries

Susie Harries is a writer specialising in culture, history and the arts. Nikolaus Pevsner The Life was published in 2011; a paperback is expected in February 2013. With her husband Meirion Harries she has co-authored seven books including major works on 20th century arts such as The War Artists and A Pilgrim Soul: a Life of Elisabeth Lutyens.