Once Upon A Country

Sari Nusseibeh

24/02/2008 4:15 pm

“I have faith that, sooner or later, somehow or another – I’m not sure how – Jews and Arabs will find a way to live together that is totally acceptable and beneficial to us both. In doing this, we can also impact the region around us and, further afield, the world around us.”

Born in Jerusalem in 1949, educated in the States, professor of philosophy, and a long time advocate of a two-state solution, Sari Nusseibeh looked back on his life and spoke to Jon Snow of his hopes for peace and a Palestinian State.

Sari Nusseibeh

Sari Nusseibeh is a leading Palestinian intellectual and political figure. He was the PLO’s chief representative in Jerusalem in 2001 and 2002. He is now president of Al Quds University, the only Arab university in Jerusalem. He recently published his memoir, Once Upon a Country: A Palestinian Life