The Third Reich and the Paranoid Imagination

Richard Evans

07/03/2021 12:30 pm
Virtual Event, Available on KPlayer

“Brilliant … Deploying him against conspiracy theorists is a bit like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.” So says The Mail on Sunday of Richard J. Evans and the forensic scrutiny he subjects widely discussed claims involving Hitler and the Nazis to. In The Hitler Conspiracies the renowned historian analyses five long discredited but increasingly popular theories, including Churchill suppressing peace terms, a bunker escape to South America and a bid by the Jewish people to undermine civilisation itself. The former Cambridge Regius Professor of History and author of The Third Reich Trilogy joins educator Trudy Gold in conversation.

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Richard Evans

Richard J. Evans is one of the world’s leading authorities on Nazi Germany. His three volumes, The Coming of the Third Reich, The Third Reich in Power and The Third Reich at War are standard works that have been translated into fifteen languages and sold hundreds of thousands of copies across the world. Evans was Penguin's principal expert witness in the David Irving v. Penguin Books Ltd libel trial.

Trudy Gold

Trudy Gold is the former C.E.O of the London Jewish Cultural Centre, and one of the founder members of the British delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. She has taught Modern Jewish History in schools and universities and for adult groups throughout the World. She has coordinated teacher training in Jewish History and Holocaust Studies in Eastern Europe and latterly in China. She is the author of The Timechart History of Jewish Civilisation and the student resources “Understanding the Holocaust” and the digital resource “Lessons of the Holocaust.”