Rehabilitating Rezso Kasztner

Ladislaus Lob, Zsuzsi Kasztner, David Cesarani

27/02/2008 2:45 pm

Dealing with Satan, Rezso’s Kasztner’s Daring Rescue Mission is the story of Reszo Kasztner, the man responsible for saving Ladislaus Lob and 1670 Jewish men, women and children from Bergen-Belsen. Combining history with memoir and a remarkably honest analysis of morality and survival, Ladislaus Lob examines the life and actions of a man of extraordinary contradictions. A highly controversial figure, regarded by some as a traitor and by many others as a hero, Kasztner was eventually murdered by an extremist Jewish gang in Israel.

Here, Ladislaus Lob discussed his book with Katszner’s daughter Zsuzi and the historian David Ceserani.

Ladislaus Lob

Ladislaus Lob was born in Transylvania. He is Emeritus Professor of German at the University of Sussex. He translated Nine Suitcases by Bela Zsolt who was also saved by Katszner..

Zsuzsi Kasztner

Zsuzsi Kasztner was born in Geneva in 1946 and grew up in Tel Aviv. She was eleven when her father was assassinated. She lives in Tel Aviv where she works as a hospital nurse. She has three daughters, one of them Merav Michaeli, a well-known radio and television presenter.

David Cesarani

David Cesarani is Research Professor in History at Royal Holloway, London. The author of several prize-winning books, he has advised many institutions, NGOs and government bodies on Holocaust and post-Holocaust issues