Road to Apocalypse

Munro Price, Stanley Price

26/02/2012 4:45 pm

A chance discovery in a Sussex chapel led Stanley and Munro Price to the fascinating but forgotten story of Lewis Way. In 1805, Way, a devout evangelical Christian, came into a fortune by chance and looked for a cause to spend it on. He found it in the Jews — their emancipation, conversion and restoration to the Holy Land to fulfil the biblical prophesies of the Second Coming.

Way’s travels and meetings with the crowned heads of Europe to plead this cause make an extraordinary story. The Prices’ book (The Road to Apocalypse) also shows how Way’s legacy lived on in the origins of the Balfour Declaration and in today’s unlikely alliance between the Israeli right wing and U.S. Christian fundamentalism.

Munro Price

Munro Price is Professor of Modern European History at Bradford University. He specialises in 18th and 19th century French history and his several books include The Perilous Crown: France between Revolutions, 1814-1848 and The Fall of the French Monarchy, which won the Franco-British Society’s Literary Prize.

Stanley Price