Save the Children

Ruth Barnett, Susan Soyinka

03/03/2010 10:45 am

Susan Soyinka told the story of the evacuation of the Jewish Free School to Cornwall during World War Two and a remarkable story of integration into village life. Ruth Barnett still remembers being forcibly parted from her parents, aged 4, leaving Berlin on a kindertransport to life in rural England and her traumatic post-war return to Germany.

Together they discussed the impact of war and displacement on children.

Ruth Barnett

Ruth Barnett came to England in 1939 on a kindertransport, aged four years. It took ten years before she saw her parents again. She is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and Clinical Director of the Raphael Jewish Counselling Service.

Susan Soyinka

Susan Soyinka has worked as a lecturer, researcher, and educational psychologist. From East End to Land’s End is particularly poignant as at the very time JFS children were travelling to safety, her own aunt Sonya, travelled from Paris to Auschwitz.