Scary Old Sex

Arlene Heyman,

Chair: Irma Kurtz

28/02/2016 5:00 pm
King's Place, Room 2

In conversation with Irma Kurtz, Arlene Heyman, New York psychoanalyst and Bernard Malamud’s muse, introduces her debut collection of short stories, revealing what really goes on in people’s minds, relationships and their beds. Raw, tender, funny, truthful and often shocking, Scary Old Sex is a fierce exploration of the chaos and beauty of life.

Arlene Heyman,

Arlene Heyman is the recipient of Woodrow Wilson, Fulbright, Rockefeller and Robert Wood Johnson fellowships. She is a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst in private practice in New York City and is currently at work on a nove

Irma Kurtz

Irma Kurtz joined Cosmopolitan as agony aunt in 1972 and has been there ever since. A regular on BBC Radio 4 (for which she wrote and presented a 10-part series, Mediterranean Tales), she has written three self-help books, two novels and three travel books.