School Day: Morris Gleitzman, Joe Craig & Marion Baraitser

Morris Gleitzman, Joe Craig, Marion Baraitser

28/02/2006 12:15 pm

Schools were invited to bring their pupils to meet Morris Gleitzman who spoke about storytelling, Joe Craig, exciting new author of a thriller that raises questions of ethics, politics and genetics and take part in a session on the graphic novel with Marion Baraitser.

Morris Gleitzman

Born in England, Morris Gleitzman is one of Australia\'s most popular authors for children and teenagers. His books often combine humour with serious issues and many have been published overseas. As well as writing novels, Morris has written play and filmscripts and newspaper and magazine columns.

Joe Craig

Marion Baraitser

Marion Baraitser is an award-winning playwright, and short story writer. She is the founder of Loki Books and has coauthored Home Number One with illustrator Anna Evans.