Philippe Grimbert

27/02/2009 2:30 pm

Set in the aftermath of the Nazi Occupation of France, when shame and fear polluted many a life, Secret tells the troubled story of a sickly boy who grows up with an imaginary brother, aware of what he has always somehow known and yet was never told. Psychoanalyst Philippe Grimbert spoke about his autobiographical novel, the dark secret his parents kept from him throughout his childhood and the blurry line between truth and lies.

Philippe Grimbert

Novelist, essayist and psychoanalyst, Philippe Grimbert, is the author of several works of nonfiction:Psychanalyse de la chanson, Pas de fumée sans Freud and Chantons sous la psy. Secret is his second novel and was adapted by the French filmmaker Claude Miller.

Naomi Segal

Professor Naomi Segal is the Director of the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies at the School of Advanced Study, University of London