Self-Made Englishmen

George Alagiah, Andrew Miller

25/02/2007 3:15 pm

Andrew Miller’s great grand-parents emigrated from Eastern Europe to the East End of London. In The Earl of Petticoat Lane, he tells the amazing story of his grandfather, from barrow boy to high society. In his autobiography, A Home from Home: from Immigrant Boy to English Man, George Alagiah, looks back on his own journey.

Both authors compared immigrant experiences and discussed whether the once inclusive British society is in danger of becoming apartheid UK.

George Alagiah

George Alagiah is one of the BBC\'s most senior journalists and is the main presenter of the Six O\'Clock News. His family were Sri Lankan Tamils who moved to Ghana when he was six to avoid persecution before settling in Britain five years later.

Andrew Miller

Born in London in 1974, Andrew Miller studied literature at Cambridge and Princeton. He is currently the Economist’s Moscow correspondent. The Earl of Petticoat Lane is his first book.

Joanna Newman

Joanna Newman is Head of Higher Education at the British Library.