Silent Words

Johanna Adorjan, Merilyn Moos

02/03/2011 10:15 am

Johanna Adorjan and Merilyn Moos both grew up with vast areas of silence, things that could not be spoken about. Echoes of the holocaust linger into the silence of the next generation and it is these ripples which both writers attempt to articulate.

Johanna Adorjan

Johanna Adorjan, the Swedish-born author, playwright and journalist, is the creator of a screenplay filmed by Herzog. An Exclusive Love is a memoir devoted to her grandparents.

Merilyn Moos

Merilyn Moos is the child of German refugee parents. The Language of Silence is a novel drawing on her slow and traumatic discoveries about her parents\' and grandparents\' hidden pasts.

Melissa Rosenbaum

Melissa Rosenbaum is a researcher working in the UK for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. She also chairs the UK organization Second Generation Network.