Six-Word Memoirs

Brian Lobel, Daphna \"MissD\" Baram, Julie Kertesz, Craig Taylor, Debra Tammer, Polly Paulusma


Hemingway’s legendary challenge to write a novel in six words—”For sale: baby shoes, never worn”— has unintentionally created one of the hottest modern literary trends. In 2006 SMITH Magazine gave the six-word story a personal twist, calling it the Six-Word Memoir.

After more than half a million Six-Word Memoirs on and a bestselling book series, Six-Word Memoirs came to Jewish Book Week 2013.

During a Six-Word Memoir story show, writers and performers began with a Six-Word Memoir, and then revealed the back story. At the show’s end the audience was invited to share their Six-Word Memoirs.

Brian Lobel

Brian Lobel creates performances about bodies and how they are watched, policed, poked, prodded, and loved by others. The New York-born, London-based Lobel has shown work internationally in a range of contexts, from medical schools to galleries, cabarets to museums, marketplaces to forests, blending provocative humour with insightful re?ection. He is a Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts at University of Chichester and an Associate Artist with Clod Ensemble\'s Performing Medicine. For more information:

Daphna \"MissD\" Baram

Daphna \"MissD\" Baram is a journalist, a literary translator and a stand up comedian based in London. She has worked as a human rights lawyer representing Palestinians in military courts, and as a journalist and news editor of the Jerusalem based weekly Kol Ha\'ir. Her book Disenchantment: The Guardian and Israel was published in 2004. She runs MissD\'s Silver Hammer comedy club at the Distillers, Hammersmith, on Mondays. This year she will present her solo show Killing MissD (working title) at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe festivals.

Julie Kertesz

Julie Kertesz is a Hungarian from Transylvania. She has a PhD in Physics from Paris and moved to London in 2008 at the age of 73. She is a storyteller, photographer and stand-up comedian, and the recipient of the Best Newcomer Silver Comedy Award, 2012. Watch this clip of Julie on Channel 4thought tv. Read Julie’s Blog Take a look at her Flickr Page:

Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor is the author of Londoners: The Days and Nights of London Now -- As Told by Those Who Love It, Hate It, Live It, Left It and Long for It. He has also written One Million Tiny Plays About Britain and Return to Akenfield. His non-fiction has appeared in the Guardian, the New York Times and the Globe and Mail. His fiction has appeared in the Mississippi Review. He wrote One Million Tiny Plays About Britain for the Guardian\'s Weekend magazine for several years.

Debra Tammer

Debra Tammer is an actress and writer. She has performed with the English Shakespeare Company and in TV roles. More recently, she has been on London’s comedy circuit performing stand-up and her own one woman show, POP, POP, POP. She is currently writing another hilarious one woman show to be performed in May 2013. Debra has also penned a feature film, with Claudia Solti, loosely based on Misdummer Night’s Dream, called Dream On, set for pre-production in June 2013.

Polly Paulusma

In 2003 Polly Paulusma was happily putting the finishing touches to shed-recorded album \'Scissors in my Pocket\' when Bjork\'s label, One Little Indian signed her up and catapulted her round the world for six years, supporting Bob Dylan, Jamie Cullum, Coldplay and many others. Now she\'s set up her own label, Wild Sound and has released her third offering, \'Leaves from the Family Tree\'. \"The most literate songwriter of her generation.\" The Independent. Find out more at