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Survivors' Stories

Roman Halter, Peter Lantos

26/02/2007 3:15 pm

Extraordinarily, Roman Halter made it out of the Lodz ghetto, survived Auschwitz and endured the Dresden bombing, before finally escaping to England.

Peter Lantos journeyed from Hungary to Bergen-Belsen where his father died. After liberation, he endured Communist oppression in Budapest.

They both revealed how they survived and built successful and happy lives.

Roman Halter

Roman Halter was born in 1927 and is a celebrated architect.  He designed the gates of Yad Vashem, and has been exhibited at Tate Britain. He only recently told his story in Roman’s Journey.

Peter Lantos

Peter Lantos is a highly respected clinical neuroscientist and is the author of Parallel Lines.

Joanna Newman

Joanna Newman is Head of Higher Education at the British Library.