The Ambassador

Matt Rees

21/02/2016 5:00 pm
Award-winning crime writer Matt Rees teamed up with the late Yehuda Avner, adviser to Israeli Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Menachem Begin, to write The Ambassador, an ‘alternative’ historical novel set in Nazi Germany. What if Israel had been founded before the Holocaust? Might its existence have changed the course of European history? Journalist Jenni Frazer moderates.
Jenni Frazer

Jenni Frazer has had an award-winning career in journalism for over 30 years, where she has performed nearly every kind of role, from news reporter to bureau chief, from editing and commissioning, to running a team of reporters. She has interviewed many major celebrities and been a media commentator on UK radio and TV, including News 24 and The World Tonight for the BBC.

Matt Rees

Matt Rees is an award-winning novelist, author of four mysteries about Palestinian sleuth Omar Yussef and of best-selling crime novels, published in 25 languages. His first novel won the UK Crime Writers’ Association New Blood Dagger.