The Anointed

Michael Arditti

27/05/2021 6:30 pm
On Zoom, virtual event

Novelist Michael Arditti re-tells the story of King David through the prism of three of David’s wives: Michal, a princess; Abigail, a wealthy widow; and Bathsheba, a solder’s bride. David, the hero who slew Goliath and founded Jerusalem, described by Josephus in the first century as a man ‘of excellent character and endowed with all the virtues that were desirable in a king’ is instead presented as a vicious despot who eliminates his rivals and menaces his harem, or in the words of Arditti’s Michal, as a man ‘who had lied, cheated, betrayed and murdered his way to the throne’.

The longtime Evening Standard & Sunday Express theatre critic and winner of the Waterstones Mardi Gras Award for Easter discusses his new book The Anointed, King David, his wives and reputation. He will be in conversation with former Catholic Herald editor and Pilgrimage author Peter Stanford.

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Michael Arditti

Michael Arditti is the prize-winning author of ten works of fiction and one collection of short stories, including Of Men and Angels, Easter, The Breath of Night and The Enemy of the Good. Michael reviews for several newspapers and appears regularly on BBC Radio 4.

Peter Stanford

Peter Stanford is an award-winning writer, journalist and broadcaster, whose books include Angels: A Visible and Invisible History and the forthcoming If Stones Could Speak: A History of Christianity in Britain and Ireland in 20 Buildings.