The Curious Case of Being Human

Adam Rutherford

Chair: Rohan Silva

06/03/2019 8:30 pm
Kings Place, Hall 1

We believe we are exceptional, but is there really anything special about humans that makes us different from other animals? In this entertaining tour of life on Earth, scientist and broadcaster Dr Adam Rutherford’s The Book of Humans: The Story of How We Became Us examines what, if anything, sets us apart in the animal kingdom.

Sponsored by Robin and Hanna Klein

Adam Rutherford

Adam Rutherford is a geneticist, writer and broadcaster, whose work includes the award-winning BBC television series The Cell, Horizon: Playing God andThe Beauty of Anatomy, as well as numerous programmes for BBC Radio 4. An honorary Research Fellow at UCL, Dr Rutherford is also a movie geek and has been scientific adviser on many well-known movies.

Rohan Silva

Rohan Silva, former special advisor to the UK Prime Minister and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Index Ventures, is one of the cofounders of Second Home.