The Curious Rise of Alex Lazarus

Adam Leigh

03/10/2021 11:30 am
Kings Place, St Pancras

When restless advertising executive Alex Lazarus meets charming lawyer Julian Lloyd-Mason while looking after their children in the park, they hatch a plan to launch a parenting website. goes global and Alex finds the fame and fortune he always craved. But the trappings of success come at a price; as his life begins to fall apart, he realises too late that wanting more sometimes gets you less. Described as “brilliant” by the Jewish Chronicle, The Curious Rise of Alex Lazarus is a comic novel which examines the nature of ambition and the pitfalls of its ruthless pursuit. Advertising veteran and essayist Adam Leigh joins us for a special free Fringe event to discuss his first novel, called “innovative and ingenious” by Fast Show comedian Arabella Weir, “very satisfying” by Daniel Finkelstein and “a very ambitious and dexterous take on a riveting world” by The Iron Lady screenwriter Abi Morgan.

“Adam Leigh may well have created a new genre: the fictional business memoir.” Jonathan Freedland

“A funny and entertaining insight into the madness of start-up life and the reckless nature of ambition. Poignant, moving and life affirming. I loved it.” – Nicola Mendelsohn, VP EMEA Facebook

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Adam Leigh

Adam read English at Cambridge and wondered if he would ever be able to write a book rather than just read one. He spent the next thirty years in advertising, trampling on those that got in his way whilst enjoying a lot of long lunches. He learnt everything there was to know about selling dog food, toilet paper and the small print on a mortgage ad. For the last few years, Adam has written extensive topical essays and articles on the foibles of our working lives. ‘The Curious Rise of Alex Lazarus’ is his first novel. Married to a wonderful wife for thirty years, she is his business partner and most uncritical fan. His three children are less forgiving.

Jenni Frazer

Jenni Frazer has had an award-winning career in journalism for over 30 years, where she has performed nearly every kind of role, from news reporter to bureau chief, from editing and commissioning, to running a team of reporters. She has interviewed many major celebrities and been a media commentator on UK radio and TV, including News 24 and The World Tonight for the BBC.