The Good Doctor

Laurence Buckman, John Marks

04/03/2010 5:00 pm

‘John Marks is something of a national treasure. He is a man whose life for more than 40 years marched in beat with that of the National Health Service. There is scarcely a medical issue or controversy in which John Marks was not involved. In all of these John Marks played more than a walk-on part. In many he was a principal actor.’ Nicholas Timmins, Financial Times

Laurence Buckman

Laurence Buckman was elected to the BMA GPs’ Committee (GPC) in 1990, has been a negotiator for the profession since 1997 and the Chairman of the GPC since 2007.

John Marks

Dr John Marks qualified as medical doctor in the year that the NHS was founded. He went on to have a distinguished career from GP to Chairman of Council of the British Medical Association on which he reflects in The NHS: Beginning, Middle and End?