The House of Rajani

Alon Hilu

28/02/2010 1:45 pm

Bestselling 2009 Sapir Prize winner, Alon Hilu shed light on the present through his representation of the past. He told the partly true story of the difficult friendship between asickly, but brilliant, Muslim boy and a dynamic Jewish settler, in the shifting world of nineteenth-century Palestine. It is a gothic tale of love, honour and betrayal.

Alon Hilu

Alon Hilu was born in Jaffa. His first novel, the prize-winning, Death of the Monk, concerned the Damascus affair. His recent, The House of Rajani, is set in Jaffa in 1895 and won the 2009 Sapir Prize.

Ian Black

Ian Black was Middle East editor of The Guardian until 2016. In 36 years on the paper he was also Jerusalem Correspondent, Diplomatic Editor, European Editor and Chief Foreign Editorial Writer. He has covered major events in the Middle East, from the Iran-Iraq War to the Palestinian Intifadas and the uprisings of the Arab Spring. He has also written for The Washington Post and The Economist. He is now a visiting senior fellow at the London School of Economics.