The Jews of Crete

Nicholas De Lange, Ruth Padel

Chair: Nicholas De Lange

06/03/2022 11:15 am
Kings Place, St Pancras Room

Crete saw a higher proportion of Jews deported by the Nazis than any other country, virtually eliminating one of Europe’s oldest Jewish communities. Rabbi Nicholas de Lange, Professor of Hebrew & Jewish Studies at Cambridge and author of The Penguin Dictionary of Judaism, conducts high holiday services on the Greek island. Award-winning poet Ruth Padel turns to the forgotten Jews of Crete in her latest novel Daughters of the Labyrinth, described as ‘magical and historical, surprising, elegant and beautifully written’ by Andrew O’Hagan, having first visited as a student on an archaeological dig. They will be in conversation with writer and executive director of Jewish Renaissance Aviva Dautch.

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In Association with Jewish Renaissance

Nicholas De Lange

Nicholas de Lange has written a number of books about Judaism and about Jewish history, specialising in Greek-speaking Judaism. His latest book is The Jews of Byzantium. He is the Visiting Rabbi of the Etz Hayyim Synagogue in Haniá, Crete.

Ruth Padel

The award-winning poet and travel writer Ruth Padel has been Chair of the UK Poetry Society since 2003 and is the great great grand-daughter of Charles Darwin. Her most recent collection of poems is Darwin: A Life in Poems. She is also the author of I'm A Man: Sex, Gods and Rock 'n' Roll which relates rock to ancient Greek myth and modern masculinity, 52 Ways of Looking at a Poem, and Tigers in Red Weather, a travel-memoir which describes searching Asian jungles for wild tigers and explores the moral and political questions facing us in dealing with wilderness today. image cr. Luigi Cazzanigana

Aviva Dautch

Poet and academic Aviva Dautch is the Executive Director of Jewish Renaissance magazine and the resident expert on BBC Radio 4’s ‘On Form’, a series exploring the recent resurgence in formal poetry. Her translation of The Eighth Crossing, a book-length poem by Suhrab Sirat about his refugee journey from Afghanistan to the UK, was published in 2021 by Exiled Writers Ink.