The King of Ivy League

28/02/2015 8:00 pm

John Simons was one of the leading menswear designers in 1960s London, introducing the Ivy League look to young, fashion-obsessed Mods. A new documentary The Neat Offensive about his life and distinctive style is now in the making. Jewish Book Week presents the man himself, his son and business partner Paul Simons, and admirer and fashion aficionado, broadcaster Robert Elms.

Robert Elms

Robert Elms is a broadcaster, writer and former editor of The Face. He is best known for his long-running radio show on BBC London. His latest book The Way We Wore is a bestselling memoir on the history of youth culture fashion.

John Simons

John Simons is an influential menswear designer with a shop in Marylebone. He was an integral part of the Mod and Swinging London cultures of the 1960s, giving the Harrington jacket its name.

Paul Simons

Paul Simons had an early start in the menswear trade, helping stuff envelopes in the now legendary John Simons, his father\'s eponymous shop in Covent Garden. In 2010, Paul and John opened their new shop in Marylebone.