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The Rat Lines

Philippe Sands, Hugh Levinson, Eli Rosenbaum

Chair: None

03/03/2019 3:30 pm
Kings Place, Hall 1

International human rights lawyer Philippe Sands discussed his phenomenal BBC series, The Rat Lines, the story of the post-war Nazi escape route out of Europe. He focused on the intriguing tale of Otto von Wächter, governor of Nazi occupied Krakow and Galicia, indicted for murder, but who escaped justice. Philippe was joined by Eli Rosenbaum, who leads the US government unit responsible for deporting Nazi war criminals, and Hugh Levinson, head of BBC Radio Current Affairs.

Sponsored by Joanna Millan, in memory of Jerry Gotel.


Philippe Sands

Philippe Sands QC is Professor of International Law at University College London and a barrister in Matrix Chambers. A broadcaster and frequent contributor to The Guardian, he is the author of several books, including Torture Team and Lawless World. He has recently made an acclaimed documentary,  A Nazi Legacy: What Our Fathers Did, about the children of high-ranking Nazis.

Hugh Levinson



Hugh Levinson is head of Radio Current Affairs at the BBC, overseeing programmes which air on Radio 4, the World Service and other networks. He edits the Reith Lectures and the Analysis strand on Radio 4. His projects have won Sony, Amnesty International, One World, Voice of the Viewer and Listener, Royal History Society and Broadcasting Press Guild awards.

Eli Rosenbaum

Eli Rosenbaum is the longest-serving prosecutor and investigator of Nazi criminals and other perpetrators of human rights violations in world history. He is the Director of Human Rights Enforcement Strategy and Policy at the United States Department of Justice.