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The Rise of the Hebrew Republic

Colin Shindler


Israel’s odyssey over the last sixty years has been a remarkable cocktail of resilience, innovation and agony. Many Israelis agreed with David Grossman when he bemoaned Israel’s current path. ‘Look what befell the young, bold, passionate country we had here, and how, as if it had undergone a quickened ageing process, Israel lurched from infancy and youth to a perpetual state of gripe, weakness and sourness.’ No longer admired by the international community, there is still, however, a sense of tremendous excitement in Israel in what has been achieved through its rebellion against the designated place of the Jews in history. Despite all the flaws and the foibles of its leaders, the clash between religious and secular, Ashkenazi and Sephardi, there is still a sense of a voyage of discovery – and that the present is far better than the passivity and persecution of the past. In the words of the Soviet Yiddish poet, Itzik Pfeffer, the Jews have survived to dance on Hitler’s grave and to forge their own destiny.

Colin Shindler

Colin Shindler is Professor Emeritus and Pears Senior Research Fellow at SOAS, the first UK Professor of Israel Studies. He has written seven books including The Rise of the Israeli Right and Israel and the European Left.