The Scribe Who Wouldn't Scribble

01/03/2009 12:15 pm

The townsfolk of Kfar Milim are soon to be opening a Grand Synagogue. They need a new Torah scroll and want no one other than local legend, scribe Rav Katav to write it. But an incident in his past led Rav Katav to swear he’d never write again. Can the townsfolk persuade him to forget about it and pick up a quill once more? Only the letters can help them all now…

This afternoon session saw a journey into the wonderful world of words with puppets, music and adventure.

Written and produced by children’s theatre company Jammy Doughnut Productions.

Jammy Doughnut Productions is brother and sister team Claire and Jonny Berliner who have been working together creatively since they could speak. In various previous incarnations they worked on highly successful children’s shows ‘Dude Where’s My Teddy Bear?’, ‘Waitin 4 Da G!’ and ‘Ice Cream Man and the Jelly Incident’.