The Truth, Nothing but the Truth

Laurel Leff, Arthur Neslen

05/03/2006 4:15 pm

In Buried by The Times: The Holocaust and America’s Most Important Newspaper, Laurel Leff examined the many decisions that were made along the chain-of-command of the New York Times that ultimately resulted in minimising, misunderstanding and diluting the reporting of the Holocaust.

She described how journalists in New York, London, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Bucharest and Jerusalem reacted to news as it reached their bureaus. Leff, along with Arthur Neslen who was until recently the London correspondent for Al-Jazeera and their only Jewish journalist, grappled with the question of how journalists understand and evaluate horrific unprecedented events.

Laurel Leff

Laurel Leff is a professor of journalism. She was a professional journalist for 18 years reporting for the Wall Street Journal and the Miami Herald.

Arthur Neslen

Arthur Neslen worked for the BBC between 2001 and 2004 and used to be the London correspondent of Al He has written for The GuardianThe IndependentTheObserver, the New Statesman and Private Eye. He is the author of Occupied Minds, A Journey through the Israeli Psyche.

Jon Silverman

Jon Silverman is Professor of Media & Criminal Justice at the University of Bedfordshire, where he focuses on international criminal courts and Africa. He is also a freelance journalist and broadcaster. He has worked for the BBC News Website as a criminal justice legal affairs analyst and was the BBC Home/Legal Affairs correspondent in London and Paris. He has won numerous awards for his reporting, including the Bar Council’s Legal Broadcaster of the Year and the Sony Gold Award for radio reporting for his exclusive investigative reports for the Today programme on Britain’s Nazi war crimes inquiries.