The Wolf of Baghdad

Carol Isaacs

Chair: TBC

02/03/2020 7:00 pm
Kings Place, Hall 2

“The belief is current among Baghdadi Jews that the wolf keeps away spirits and demons.”
David Sassoon, scholar, 1917

Carol Isaac’s graphic memoir of a lost homeland revisits the old Jewish Quarter of 1940s Baghdad, home to a third of the city’s population which witnessed the death or expulsion of almost its entire community of 150,000. Journeying among its ghostly former inhabitants, she brings to life a lost world.

Carol Isaacs

Carol Isaacs is a London-based musician (Sinead O’Connor and Indigo Girls) and cartoonist known as The Surreal McCoy (New Yorker, Private Eye). Her first adult graphic memoir The Wolf of Baghdad was based on her family’s recollections of their lost homeland of Iraq.

Marina Benjamin

Marina Benjamin is a writer and editor working mainly in narrative non-fiction and memoir, producing books, essays and journalism. Her latest books, The Middlepause (2016) and Insomnia (2018) were published in the UK, US and Australia and have been translated into eight languages. In 2020 she edited Garden Among Fires: A lockdown anthology published by Dodo Ink. Most recently, her feminist manifesto 'Soma' appeared in Trauma: Essays on Art nad Mental Health (2021). Marina is also a senior editor at Aeon Magazine.