Travels in the Third Age

Maureen Lipman, Irma Kurtz

23/02/2009 4:30 pm

Frank, funny and telling it like it is Maureen Lipman and Irma Kurtz shared their outlooks on the passing of years.

Lipman’s Past-it Notes recalls the adventures and misadventures of a career which has spanned more than 40 years and is only getting more interesting -her most recent role involved abseiling down a twenty-foot tree carrying a chainsaw. Following the exploration from Then Again: Travels in Search of My Younger Self, About Time, Kurtz proves herself a fearless investigator of the art of growing old –its pleasures and griefs- and uncovers a fascinating cast of characters who offer their own takes on ageing. She also revealed the only tool that sharpens with age: lifelong curiosity.

Maureen Lipman

Maureen Lipman is an acclaimed film, theatre and television actress, columnist and comedian. She is the author of nine books and writes regularly for Standpoint magazine and Spectator Health.

Irma Kurtz

Irma Kurtz joined Cosmopolitan as agony aunt in 1972 and has been there ever since. A regular on BBC Radio 4 (for which she wrote and presented a 10-part series, Mediterranean Tales), she has written three self-help books, two novels and three travel books.

Naomi Gryn

Naomi Gryn is a writer and filmmaker. She co-authored and edited Chasing Shadows for Viking/Penguin (2000) and Three Minutes of Hope: Hugo Gryn on the God Slot for Continuum Books (2010).