Why We Eat What We Eat: Food Myths Exposed

Charles Spence, Anthony Warner

21/03/2018 8:30 pm

Why are 27% of drinks bought on aeroplanes tomato juice? Why do we consume 35% more food when eating with one more person, and 75% more when with three? This is just a small taste of gastrophysics, the new field of knowledge pioneered by Oxford professor, Charles Spence, combining science, neuroscience, psychology and design. Gastrophysics, written by the world-leading expert in sensory science, argues that the pleasures of what we eat lie mostly in the mind. Anthony Warner, alias blogger turned the Angry Chef, interrogates a crack team of psychiatrists, behavioural economists, food scientists and dieticians to unravel why sensible, intelligent people are so easily taken in by food fads. Mealtimes will never be the same again.

Charles Spence

Anthony Warner

Bee Wilson