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Worlds Apart

Nadia Ragozhina

06/03/2022 7:15 pm
Kings Place, Limehouse

Two brothers grow up on the Jewish streets of Warsaw. Adolphe moves to Switzerland while Marcus, inspired by Communism, moves east. A century later Marcus’s great-granddaughter, Nadia Ragozhina, rediscovers the missing parts of her broken family in a beautifully written portrayal of the tumultuous events of twentieth-century Europe, though the eyes of six women who fought for the survival and happiness of their families.

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Nadia Ragozhina

Nadia Ragozhina was born in Moscow and moved to the UK in 2000. She is a senior journalist at BBC World News. Nadia writes and blogs about sustainability and zero waste living, which, other than books and her family, is her passion in life. She lives in London with her husband and two daughters. 'Worlds Apart' is her first book.