Wrestling with God and Men: Steven Greenberg

Steven Greenberg

29/02/2004 1:00 pm

Wrestling with God and Men is a ground-breaking book, challenging Judaism’s traditional rejection of homosexuality. It is the product of Rabbi Greenberg’s ten-year struggle to reconcile his two warring identities, as the first ever openly gay and orthodox rabbi.

To mark the publication of Wrestling with God and Men two radical theologians, Steven Greenberg and James Alison displayed some imaginative exegetical creativity in their reading of biblical texts and their interpretation of tradition as they discussed one of the central issues dividing both Jewish and Christian communities: can orthodox religion accommodate homosexual love?

Steven Greenberg

Steven Greenberg is senior teaching fellow at the National JewishCenter for Learning and Leadership in New York. He featured in theawardwinning documentary film, Trembling Before G-d.