Writing under Stalin

Joseph Sherman, Elaine Feinstein

22/02/2009 10:00 am

Elaine Feinstein and Joseph Sherman write about Jewish writers in Stalin’s Russia. In The Russian Jerusalem, her lyrical novel about history, memory and love, Feinstein concentrates on Marina Tsvetaeva and her contemporaries who had chosen to write in Russian. In From Pogrom to Purge, Sheman recounts the dramatic trial and murder in 1952 of 13 major Yiddish writers, putting an end to Yiddish culture in Russia.

Joseph Sherman

Joseph Sherman, Corob Fellow in Yiddish Studies, University of Oxford, is the author of a range of scholarly essays on Yiddish literature, translated into English Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novel, Shadows on the Hudson.

Elaine Feinstein

Elaine Feinstein is a prize-winning poet, novelist, playwright, biographer and translator. She has written 15 novels and many plays for the radio and television. Her first novel was The Circle and her memoir is entitled It Goes with the Territory.

David Mazower

David Mazower is an editor with the Newshour programme on BBC World Service. He writes on Jewish history, Jewish art and Yiddish culture, and is the author of Yiddish Theatre in London.  He is currently working on a book about the Yiddish actress Fanny Epstein.