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Writing Workshop: Can You Keep a Secret? Writing the Unspoken in Fiction and Memoir

Shaun Levin


A practical creative writing workshop on the importance of the hidden and unspoken in fiction and memoir. Secrets and secret places create mystery and tension, as well as good ingredients for story and character development. Explore, through writing and sharing stories, the secret meeting places and hidden gems of this city. Participants created fiction out of their own indiscretions, and invented characters with disturbing addictions, secret crushes, and unbearable tsures.

Shaun Levin

Shaun Levin is the author of Seven Sweet Things, Snapshots of The Boy, and other books. He has written about the hidden lives of the artists Isaac Rosenberg and Mark Gertler. He is the director of Treehouse Press, and has recently launched Writing Maps, an illustrated creative writing resource. Visit him at shaunlevin.com and writingmaps.com.