Yiddish Curses and Superstitions

Michael Wex

28/02/2009 2:45 pm

This session looked into the deeply superstitious nature of the Yiddish language and the ways in which such metaphysical tremulousness contributes to a verbal culture that is more comfortable with negative than positive statements.

From this basis, we went on to examine the main types of Yiddish curse, in the hopes that students were then able to apply the lessons learned in this class in their own daily interactions, should they choose to do so.

Michael Wex

Author of Born to Kvetch, Jewish Week columnist, bon vivant and raconteur, Michael Wex has been called \"a Yiddish national treasure;\" Born to Kvetch, the bestselling book ever written about Yiddish, was hailed by The New York Times as \"wise, witty and altogether wonderful.\" Wex lives with his wife and daughter in Toronto.