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David Shneer

David Shneer is associate professor of history and director of the Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Denver. Called a “taboo-breaking scholar” by Tikkun magazine and “a new Jewish superhero,” by Jewcy magazine. His books include Queer Jews, finalist for the Lambda Literary Award, Yiddish and the Creation of Soviet Jewish Culture, finalist for the National Jewish Book Award, and New Jews: The End of the Jewish Diaspora and Through Soviet Jewish Eyes: Photography, War, and the Holocaust.
Queer Jewish Culture
Intersections and overlap between Queer and Jewish cultures were prominent within classic Yiddish films and writing and have resurfaced ever since. The synthesis of the two cultures which has a great tradition in which the outsider is celebrated, also has a darker side, complicated by Antisemitic queering of the Jewish male. Whether the ‘bearers of modernity’ or ‘the driving force behind American culture’, Queer and Jewish cultures are fascinating in their own right and particularly s...
Torah Queeries Workshop: Reading the Bible Through a “Bent Lens”
Following on the ancient tradition of interpreting the Torah portion by portion, Torah Queeries brought together some of the world’s leading rabbis, scholars, and writers to interpret the Bible through a “bent lens”. In this exciting and provocative workshop and text study, we learnt what it means to read the text through a bent lens, how a book like this came to be, and do a one-on-one text study to show how a bent lens reveals wonders in this ancient text. We studied so...