Victoria Glendinning

Victoria Glendinning is a critic, broadcaster, novelist and award-winning biographer (the latest, Leonard Woolf). She is President of English PEN.
In Search of the Real Leonard Woolf

Victoria Glendinning spoke to Anne Sebba about Leonard Woolf, exploring his career as a writer, novelist and political thinker, his devotion to his wife Virginia and his complicated relationship with his Jewishness. Henry Goodman read passages from Woolf’s fiction and non fiction, some of it unpublished today.

Philipp Manes: A Thresienstadt Chronicle
Philipp Manes spent two years in the Czech ghetto of Theresienstadt, where he played a minor role in the Jewish self-administration. He also organised over 500 cultural events, ranging from lectures, to play-readings, poetry competitions and concerts. These helped to maintain the morale and integrity of his fellows’ identity in a way that can now be recognised as offering resistance to the Nazis. In his last months he wrote an extraordinary 986 page account of his experiences, which breaks ...