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Daniel Gavron

A former staff member of both Israel Radio and The Jerusalem Post, Daniel Gavron has published nine books in English on Jewish and Israeli subjects. Born in London, he has lived in Israel since 1960. He has been a kibbutznik, a moshavnik, and a founding citizen of a Negev development town. The father of three adult Israelis, and grandfather of six, he lives near Jerusalem with his wife of fifty years and his dog.
Coexistence and Cooperation Between Israelis and Palestinians: The Untold Story
Holy Land Mosaic tells of Daniel Gavron’s personal journey through the relatively unknown territory of Israeli-Palestinian coexistence, cooperation, partnership, and friendship that exists despite the reality of enmity and daily violence. It penetrates behind the cliches to meet the individual human beings: Jews and Muslims, Israelis, Palestinians, Druze, and others. Encompassing projects involving both Jewish and Arab Israeli citizens in Israel, and cross-border programmes invol...