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Simon Louvish

Simon Louvish is author of six previous books of film history, biographies of Hollywood\'s comedy greats, from W. C. Fields and the Marx Brothers, through Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, to Mae West and now Cecil B DeMille. He is also the author of 11 works of controversial fiction. He is married, lives in London, and rants about cinema at the London Film School.
Passion: The Marx Brothers

The author of Monkey Business: The Lives and Legends of the Marx Brothers (2003), Simon Louvish spoke about his passion for the sons of the German-Jewish immigrant tailor Sam Marx and his ambitious wife Minnie, whose films still inspire laughter and devotion. Satirists of pretension, folly and snobbery, the “Four Horsemen of the Apoplexy” are brought to life by Louvish’s wonderful stories of their lives and work.

Cecil B DeMille and the Golden Calf
In an illustrated talk, Simon Louvish re-examined Hollywood’s most enduring legend who directed lavish recreations of The King of Kings, The Sign of the Cross, Samson and Delilah and two versions of The Ten Commandments. In his day he provoked at least as much of an uproar as Mel Gibson. Was Cecil B DeMille a savant or sinner, artist or hack, defender of freedom or a hypocritical opportunist who embraced the golden calf of sheer commercialism? The iconic director is a pervasive puzzle &...