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Misha Glenny

Misha Glenny is a sought-after keynote speaker on cyber security and organised crime. A former Digital Security Journalist of the Year, Misha is an author and journalist with a rich background in cyber security, geopoliticscriminology and broadcasting.
The $3 Trillion War
The $3 Trillion War is a devastating reckoning of the true cost of the Iraq war – quite apart from its tragic human toll – which the Bush administration has estimated at $50 billion, but which Stiglitz and his co-author Bilmes show underestimates the real figure by approximately six times. Here he exposed the gigantic expenses which have so far not been officially accounted for, including replacing military equipment (being used up at six times the peacetime rate) and also ...
Invisible Walls
We’re delighted to partner with this latest Jewish Renaissance Book Club. From arriving in the UK on the Kindertransport from Austria in 1939 to a 35-year Guardian career covering everything from the end of Empire in West Africa to JFK’s assasination, Hella Pick has has a unique life and career. Her memoir Invisible Walls: a Journalist in Search of Her Life covers personal heartache and struggles with her Jewish identity as well as unlikely encounters with Mikhail Gorbach...