Professor Charmian Brinson

The Unique Case of Jewish Secularism
The peculiar fusion of religion and nationalism in pre-modern Judaism has had a unique impact on contemporary Jewish secularism. For many centuries one could not distinguish between the Jewish people and the Jewish religion. Belonging to one implied belonging to the other and the mere distinction between the two is a modern re-interpretation of Judaism. As a result, unlike secularists elsewhere the Jewish secularist cannot follow a clear-cut secularist tradition and has to create his own lang...
We Are Strangers Here: Discover the Author: Ruth Borchard

When Ruth Borchard, died some years ago an unpublished manuscript written in 1941 was found amongst her papers. This novel, We Are Strangers Here,has finally been published and tells the story of an ‘enemy alien’ in a London prison en route to the Isle of Man, based on Ruth Borchard’s own experience. This session featured Borchard’s eldest daughter, Katherine Hallgarten and Professor Charmian Brinson.