Shimon Markis

Shimon Markish was born in Baku in 1931 and studied Classical Philology at the University of Moscow. He left the USSR for Hungary in 1970, and moved to Switzerland in 1974. He lectured in Russian literature at the University of Geneva for over 20 years. His books include Erasmus and the Jews (University of Chicago Press 1986) and Babel and Others (ArtStudio, Kiev, 1996).
Stalin: Literature and Survival: Nathalie Babel, Shimon Markish, Evgeny Pasternak
Isaac Babel, Peretz Markish and Boris Pasternak were among the greatest Russian writers of the 20th century. Markish wrote in Yiddish, Babel and Pasternak in Russian. All were persecuted by Stalin: Babel and Markish were executed; only Pasternak survived. This session offered an unprecedented and unique opportunity to hear the writers’ children, Nathalie Babel, Shimon Markish and Evgeny Pasternak, discuss with writer and broadcaster Clive James their fathers’ enduring legacies....